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Dog Travel Harness Blue

Our Dog Car Seat Travel Harness Blue minimizes driving distractions and increases protection for both you and your loved one.

I am concerned about how many dogs I see riding in cars and rooming around in the back seat or with their heads out the window. I often see dogs in the passenger seat and even in their owner’s laps between the owner and the steering wheel. I have seen dogs in the back of a truck moving around without any protection. If you have a dog you should provide them some protection while they are riding in your car with a Dog Car Seat. If you have to stop quickly or are involved in an accident, your dog could be seriously injured. It is your responsibility to protect them from harm with a Dog Car Seat.

That is why I suggest you consider a Dog Car Seat Travel Harness Blue for their protection. It is the basic seat belt that we all use for our protection. It prevents a dog from being thrown around and injured if the car makes a sudden movement or stop. It is easy to install and remove. The Dog Travel Harness Blue comes in 4 sizes and adjustable safety tether. There are two high-grade aluminum carabiners (an oblong aluminum ring with one spring-hinged side to easily connect and disconnect as it holds to the tether). . The carabiner anchors to the seat belt webbing. Minimizes excess slack but allows you pet movement.

The Dog Car Seat Travel Harness Blue allows the dog to be secure in either the back seat or the passenger seat while your dog is riding with you. Your dog is secure and in the case of a sudden stop will not be thrown around or injured.

A dog may experience some duress or anxiety when you first use the Dog Travel Harness Blue but you can train the dog to accept this device with some prior preparation. Put the harness on the dog in the house for a short period of time and let them get used to wearing it. Let them get into the car and attach the harness. Give them a treat after you attach the harness and let them sit there for a few minutes and then give them a second treat and disconnect the harness. Do this a few times and then take them for a short ride with the harness on. Be sure to give them a treat before the ride and at the end of the ride.

If you use a Dog Car Seat Travel Harness Blue your dog will get used to it quickly and the dog and you will be happy that the dog is safe and is not distracting you. Talk to the dog as you are driving and when possible give them a treat.