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You want your dog to be comfortable while riding in your car. The SUV Dog Beds will provide both comfort and safety for your dog. Or you can just put a cover in the SUV.
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SUV Dog Bed SUV Dog Bed
Our Price: $68.29

If you own a SUV and have a dog than you probably like to travel and you want to take your dog with you so you need a Dog Car Seat. Whether it is a quick trip to the park or a long ride in the country, you want your pet with you. Your dog is a wonderful traveling companion, but it is dangerous for the dog to free-roam in the car so they need a dog car seat.

You need a place for the dog to be comfortable and restricted which a SUV dog beds will provide.

Some states have laws about dogs in cars. One state forbids a person from driving with a dog in their laps. Several states have laws restricting dogs unsecured in open pickup trucks. There may not be any laws about your dog riding beside you but it is not a good idea. The dog has the same risks as a passenger in your car not wearing a seat belt so a dog car seat is essential.

We offer two sizes of SUV dog beds in two colors – Tan & Gray. The small SUV dog beds is 24”x36”x7” (sleeping dimensions are 17”x31”) and the large SUV dog beds is 30”x48”x8” (sleeping dimensions are 25”x42”). To determine which one is best for you measure your dog when stretched out sleeping and compare to the length of the bed.

The following are comments from buyers from the manufacture about SUV dog beds.

“We have had these beds for a few months and so far they have stood up to our two hooligan Labradors. We have washed them a number of times, dog drool, mud, blood, gator aid and they still look good as new.”

“We purchased a large and small and have recently purchased another small bed. There were originally bought for the back of the van but the dogs loved them so much we bought more for the house. We have owned our beds for 6 months and have washed them frequently. They hold up well after several washing and still look new.”
The SUV cover can provide an easy to remove cover to clean up the area where your dog was.

“Awesome bed! Fits perfect in the back of my car and I love the one side of the pillow is the same waterproof material as the sides of the bed, and the other side is super soft and so nice.”

A few interesting dog facts for your enjoyment!!

1. Dogs do dream – Dogs have the same type of slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement as humans.

2. Dogs’ eyes contain a special membrane, called the tapetum lucidum which allows them to see in the dark.

3. A large breed dog’s resting heart beats between 60 and 100 times per minute, and a small dog breed’s heart beats between 100 and 140. Human resting heart beats 60-100.