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We have 2 different Dog Bucket Boosters for your dog car seats.  One is for small dogs and the other is different and can be used for larger dogs.
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Your dog wants to be with you and they love to ride in the car. But just like the small child (that they are) they need to be protected. We never want an accident to happen but they do and the dog is in danger of being hurt if they are free in the car. That is why a dog bucket booster safety seat is an important dog car seat. It allows the dog to be in the car protected by the seat and like a seat beat they are secured by a leash to the bucket. It prevents them from being in the wrong place when you may have to stop the car quickly. It also prevents them from jumping into the front seat at the wrong time. If they are in the dog bucket booster safety seat in the passenger side of the front seat, they will not be in your lap as you are trying to drive.

A seat belt can hold the dog bucket booster safety seat in place as well as the lease keeps the dog in the bucket. The bucket provides dog travel safety for you loved one and prevents any possible problems from the dog being able to room in the car. We want our pet to be with us but we must be concerned about their safety. Our dog loves us and we need to not only love them but protect them in a dog car seat.

We hate to leave our dog at home while we are driving around and they seem to get into things when left alone so why not take them with you in a dog bucket booster safety seat. That way they are with you which is what they want and they feel part of the family. But if you have a dog that gets in your way while in the car the perfect solution is the dog bucket booster safety seat.

Dog car seats allow pets to move around in the seat so they are not forced into one position and can lie down if they want to in the seat. But the bucket seat allows them the ability to look out the window and around the car. You can ease a dog’s anxiety to the new dog car seat by letting them be near a person (not the driver if possible) for the first few times. That way the person can give the dog attention while they are adjusting to the new experience.

A few interesting dog facts for your enjoyment!!

1. Dogs learn by inference from what you do with them.

2. Dogs can read and react to your body language that is how they learn tricks.

3. Dogs use their owners to solve problems for them by looking for how we react.