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Dog Back Seat Travel Barrier

Our Dog Back Seat Travel Barrier prevents you pet from getting into the front seat and distracting you from driving.
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One of the major problems we have when our loved one is traveling with us in the car is they want to jump into the front seat or insist that we pay attention to them when they stick their head onto the console next to use. We want to give them attention but that diverts our attention from what we really should be concerned with – the traffic.

The Dog Car Seat Back Seat Travel Barrier can prevent the dog from jumping from the back seat to the front seat. It keeps the dog confined to the back seat. A Dog Car Seat Barrier is the cheapest safety device we can buy to protect our dog and make sure our attention is always on the road.

The Dog Back Seat Travel Barrier is easy to install and remove. The vents at the top and bottom allow air circulation. Dual layer polyester ensures durability. If we have to make a quick stop the dog will NOT be thrown into the space between the seats or get hurt by having its head wedged into the space while its body is on the floor.

I had to lift the console up to prevent my golden retriever from trying to get into the front seat and spilling my soda before I purchased the Dog Back Seat Travel Barrier. It allowed me to have my console and my soda and my companion quickly got used to not being able to get into the front seat.

If you do not want to confine your dog with a car seat or harness than at least you need to at least purchase a Dog Back Seat Travel Barrier. This device will prevent your dog from distracting you with their attempts to be near you. It allows them to move around in the back seat and find a comfortable place to lie down without restraining them to a specific place.

Many experts suggest that you need to prepare a dog for a ride in the car before you actually take them for a ride. You need to let the dog inspect the car while it is sitting in the driveway. Let them get in and check out the back seat. You can offer them treats as they are moving around in the car. The first few trips with the Dog Car Seat should be short trips with the dog getting a treat before the ride and at the end of the ride. They then associate the ride with something they like.
You need a dog car seat to protect your dog and the travel barrier is an excellent choice.

A few interesting dog facts for your enjoyment!!

1. Dogs have about 1,700 taste buds while human have almost 9,000.

2. Dog’s sense of smell is 10,000-100,000 more than human.

3. Dogs (it is believed) see in blue, greenish-yellow, yellow and various shades of gray