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We are your main source for top quality dog car seats. You love your dog and want to be sure they are safe when traveling with you in the car. Unrestrained pets cause more than 30,000 auto accidents each year. We are committed to ensure that your loved one is protected with a car seat. We carry several types of car seats that fit every type of dog and automobile.

We have various types of car seats –Bucket Boosters – Car seat Savers – Safety Barriers –Suv Beads – Travel Harnesses -- Travel Safety Carriers.

The Travel Harness minimizes driving distractions and increase protection for both you and your dog. The harness is durable but lightweight and comfortable. The Travel Barrier helps to keep pets in the back seat and decrease distractions while driving. The Freedom-lock provides secure installation between bucket seats and allows for simple driver or passenger seat adjustments. The Travel Safety Carrier keeps driver distraction to a minimum when pets are kept confined and not allowed to roam. It is available in 3 sizes. The small size fits any front seat and all 3 sizes work perfectly in any back seat. The Bucket Booster provides the ultimate comfort. The back of the car seat is contoured for a better fit inside the vehicle. You can add a seat warmer that plugs right into a standard 12V car outlet. The Car Seat Saver simply loops over the driver to passenger headrests, covers the back seat and floor boards, and loops over the back seat headrests. It also serves as a deterrent for pets jumping in the front seat. The waterproof backing keeps dirt and spills off the seat. There is a storage pocket for keeping leashes and toys. The Safety Seat simply zips together in a few seconds and fits front or back car seats. The seat belt clip holds the seat belt in the optimal position for superior fit over most pet travel seats. A leash is included to keep a dog in place. The SUV Bed comes in 2 sizes. The outside bolster is made from 600 denier nylon with a water resistant backing. The removable cushion is made from soft and luxurious microfleece. The bottom of the bed has a stay put non-slip fabric to keep the bed in place Easy machine wash care.

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